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I will teach you the exact steps how to improve your surfing results.

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What will happen in the #HighScoresWins pre-launch on March 1, 2, and 3?

3 live online meetings!

You will live the experience as if you were already my mentee and will learn how to boost your results by start doing 3 things, this will lead you to get higher scores and win more heats in surfing competitions.

✅ Monday – March 1st at 19h00 (GMT) on Youtube

How to get more points by changing the way you surf the wave, scores on x and y.

✅ Tuesday – March 2nd at 19h00 (GMT) on Youtube

The method “2 on 2”, that will make you win more heats.

✅ Wednesday – March 3rd at 19h00 (GMT) on Youtube

How to use the rules in your favor to have better results

✅ Thursday – March 4th: From 8:00 am to 9:00 pm (GMT)

Opening of registration for Mentorship + follow-up for 6 months

✅ Friday – March 5th:

Beginning of the Mentoring #HighScoresWins: Improving your results in 8 weeks!

Time difference: 19h00 (GMT) = 11 am (PST) = 2 pm (EST) = 16h00(BRT) = 20:00(CET) = 04:00(JST) = 06h00(AEST)

And More!

Exclusive Community on Telegram

There will be an exclusive Telegram community for the WinYourHeats Challenge. It is there that you will receive the links to access the live meetings and also the link to make your registration on the 4th of March.
Rest assured that you will not be inundated by messages. The idea is to really be reminded of the exclusive meetings and also receive the materials before each meeting.


I don’t want you to be just in theory. At each live meeting, you will have activities to put into practice.
After all, information only becomes knowledge when it is put into practice.
And I will guide you through this process and show you exactly what to put into practice.

Nice to meet you, I am Filipe
Mentor of Competition Surfing

I help you understand what you have to do to get higher scores and win more heat in surfing competitions.

Today in surfing competitions, I see surfers who started from scratch achieving great results by doing high scores. Something really incredible!

Now, there are many others who tried the same path and did not even come close to these results and were frustrated.

And I was wondering… is there another way? Could it be that these surfers who tried and failed, if they had someone to tell them exactly what to do instead of trying to learn everything on their own, wouldn’t be able to make higher scores, win more heats and have better results?

And that’s how I started helping surfers to let go of their fears, learning to maximize performance by using their knowledge and my feedback, through my group mentoring programs, personal coaching, and online training.

And it all starts with changing your surfing approach to the waves. And I clearly see that this is the first step to start making good decisions and avoid mistakes during competition.

And with accompaniment, guidance and method, I help you transform your experience, your knowledge in to a winning performances.

And really, I don’t believe I found the perfect solution. 

But what I discovered that the way I decided to do it can bring security, tranquility and results for those who really decide to get results in competitions.

And it has helped surfers to open doors to new opportunities and expand their surfing to a level they may never have allowed themselves to imagine. And this is worth a lot to me!


Competing is method. And method is learned!

And I learned how to do it all… observing and analyzing thousands of times, literally! And then testing it, doing it!

From 2006 to the present I have been a professional surfing judge and was in the front line of surfing contests in Europe, working mostly as a judge but also head judge or technical director for all the major organizations of surfing competitions. From juniors to masters, open to teams events, Surfing to SUP, I have done it all, in almost 600 events.

Besides that, I am an international Level 1 surfing coach since 2005 and finishing my Level 2 surf coach degree as you read these lines. Been surfing since 1992 and still looking for waves on a daily basis here in Peniche, Portugal. 😀

March 1, 2 and 3

always at 7 pm (GMT)

100% online and free

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